Hey Big Spender

oh the goodness that is bob fosse.

i have honored this man's great legacy with the naming of my darling 2 year old boogie.

i can't seem to shake the brilliance and innovation of his movement and style. for one like myself, who is less than blessed, with poor turn out and bad feet, the over compensation of sharp angles and awkward sultriness is tantalizing to all of the senses pertaining to lust. he aided in the craft and perfection of a shade of 1960s noir and oh-so fashionably clothed it in bowler hats, tight gloves, fishnet, and skinny black suits. if you question my insane devotion to genius you should probably youtube "The Aloof" scene from Sweet Charity. it helps the mr. fosse shares my love of sweet redhead babes like shirley maclaine and gwen verdon.

although the return of warm weather in the salt lake valley is welcome in my heart and skin, i look forward to a blustery afternoon of oolong tea, mod podge, Sweet Charity, Damn Yankees, Chicago, and Kiss Me Kate with a cozy afghan and a boogie on my lap.

to make it easy


Rachel Swan said...

Brilliant! Thanks for sharing. I love your kitty's bum, too.

cowboy boots said...

The man who wear hat he is trying to be a Michael jackson.