russian red

My newest musical obsession--meet--Russian Red. She's a 22 year old darling from Madrid. I heard about her from a dear friend who spent a few semesters in Spain for study and my only exposure for a while was a few songs that had been posted on MySpace. Lucky enough this Fall her first full length album I Love Your Glasses was released. With minimum instrumentation and a super dreamy voice I'm carried away. I would say my conversion happened when I heard "Cigarettes" and I am head-over-heels for "Nice Thick Feathers." Oh and did I mention I have a huge girl crush on her?


Rachel Swan said...

Let's hear it for girl crushes....she is lovely.

Laurel said...

Hello Darling. I live in Salt Lake already. Well, South Jordan really. And I work at a gyno office. Sick, I know.
Miss you more.

Anonymous said...

um...yep...amazing. thanks for sharing her.