reduce re-use

these are totally not your grandma's embroidery projects... although they ARE totally 1940s-60s inspired.

Adorable, yes? I have ordered so many of these patterns in the last few years. I've been diciplined enough to make myself get started early on crafty homemade Christmas gifts this year. These lovlies from Sublime Stitching are super easy and inexpensive (4 patterns for $10! and they are reusable up to 8 times) and perfect to embroider on the reusable grocery bags I bought for the folks on my list this year. I realize that one bag isn't going to change anyone's habits, but I love my hodge-podge stash of reusable bags, and I figure it can be the trigger to inspire those I love to invest in more. I'll take some fotos of them when they are more complete, if anyone reads and cares to see my progress... oh! I also got the Martha Stewart Holiday magazine full of crafty how-to's including a plushie pig that I'm so excited to make! I don't particularly love "the holidays" honestly, it gets to be more of a pain in the ass than it's worth, but I just can't say no to a good day of crafty projects...

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