"snow, ice, mountains of ice.
where am I? I feel better, I do, I feel better. There are ice crystals in my lungs wonderful and sharp and the snow smells like cold fresh peaches and there's something, some current of blood in the wind, it's strange, it has that iron taste.
"oh, I think I felt her kicking. maybe I'll give birth to a baby covered with--thick white fur and that way she won't be cold. My breasts will be filled with hot cocoa so she doesn't get chilly. And if it gets really cold she'll have a pouch I can crawl into like a marsupial and we'll mend together--that's what we'll do, we'll mend.

I've been watching the HBO mini-series based on the play Angels in America. It's wonderful. The previous lines are from Mary Louise Parker's (Showtime hottie, suburban-pot-dealing-mom Nancy Botwin on Weeds) character Harper, a Mormon housewife addicted to Valium with a gay husband, in one of the most wonderful scenes I've seen. Unfortunately this particular scene in a hallucination to Antarctica is not available on YouTube, but, put it on your Netflicks. It's a must. Not to mention Justin Kirk (Parker's co-star in Weeds) , Jeffery Wright, Meryl Streep, Al Pachino, Emma Thompson (whoa talk about all-star cast) and their stellar performances, seriously, stellar. I realize I came to this some 5 years late (to speak of HBO's version) but I'm okay with it. At least I got there. Now go. watch it.

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