dancing dancey dance

next week my niece is going to perform the role of Clara in the Northern Arizona University production of The Nutcracker accompanied by the Flagstaff Symphony. I'm so proud of her. okay, I like kids, i do--but they try my patience easily as i have next to zero interaction with them in my daily life. i only really spend time with any sort of children maybe 25 days out of the year. so, as i was saying, I'm so proud of her for not only accomplishing such magnificent goals for an 8 year-old, but for also being graceful about the whole matter. she's not snotty, or bratty, or obnoxious but feels so special and is trying so hard to do her best.

I also went to a dance audition to be a cast member (not company member) of a dance show to take place in Salt Lake City in March '09. they haven't posted anything yet but i have talked tentatively about doing some choreography for it.

I signed all of my paperwork today to begin teaching an intro to Modern dance class at the University of Utah today. I'm not specifically trained in Modern but have confidence that I can be totally successful in this class.

The Contemporary Movement at the University of Utah is starting off to a great year. I have been asked to choreograph 2-3 numbers for 2009. This year we are shooting to try something new. It's a non-profit organization and in the last 2 years the proceeds have gone to the Utah Food Bank. This year we are donating to The Starfish Foster Home in China. We are hoping to host a concert each month in a (hopefully) donated concert space in different cities around the northern part of the state. Last year the concert fell apart-ish due to unstable concert dates so, fingers crossed, this year will work out better.

dancing is sort of a glue that holds my life together. it's nice to get involved as much as possible, but even though i'm not in class all the time or doing what others have post-training, its just so nice to move my body, stretch, and surround myself with creative reciprocating minds--not to mention surrounding oneself with brilliant music is good for the soul. it does something to maintain sanity--which leads me to think that i could really be good at yoga if i dedicated some portion of myself to it rather than just stopping in for the occasional class.


Rachel Swan said...

I think you would be great at yoga! Most yoga classes are packed with ex-dancers who still crave warm bodies and fluid movement.
I was never a "dancer", by any means, but I still found myself missing the strict dance schedule after high school. So I took yoga, and I've continued to do some sort of yoga every day since 2005.

Do you know any good studios in the SLC/Bountiful area? I recently moved here and can't find a decent class anywhere.

Anonymous said...

please let me know when your dance concerts are. I LOVE them so much. I suppose I'll have to find a new companion to accompany me considering Ambi Bambi Bimbo is MIA