i'm convinced

that every neighborhood has their own set of crazies. i don't know if i convinced myself while i was working at coffee shops that there was an innate pull for crazies to frequent them, but i realize now that everywhere has its own personal set of crazies. currently there is: the old man who is at the burger shop next door every day for a solid 5 or so hours usually silently eating or roaming the parking lot, but, if invoked to speak he generally tells dirty or racially inappropriate jokes. the old man who is on a much more strict walking routine than is his shih-tzu that i see as primarily a prop and secondarily as a companion. the puppy wears sweaters and raincoats and is sure to be seen in the alley way strictly at 5:30 and 8:30 (and possibly more often its just that I'm not home). and the young man who is always always at the grocery store. he has good intentions, he's nice, but he just so happens to be at the same aisle as you about 4-5 times per trip about one minute after you turn your shopping cart and start to browse, glassy-eyed, with small conversation to follow. and if its not you, its one of the workers sorting and stocking the shelves. yes I'm convinced.

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Laurel said...

I know I am. And I'm very sorry. But, for you my dear Emmy, I will update this week.