kaki king

"the new sonic palate Kaki brings to the platter: distorted pedal steel, pounding drums, ethereal trumpet, dots, loops, bleeps and other indefinable percussion sounds, and her own voice, disarmingly winsome and sweet for a woman with as much attitude as King."

meet--Kaki King. A once-drummer-turned-stellar-guitarist is an uprising artist from the veins of Michael Hedges. A musician's musician, this girl is a bad ass and full of wicked talent. She's from NY and honed in her talent playing in subways (see bad ass) and realized she might make it as a musician when passerby's asked her if she had cd's for sale. She first got on the scene playing gigs at the Knitting Factory (NY) and from there, well I can't exactly say only I'm glad she's taken off. I saw her show in Salt Lake City with The Mountain Goats few weeks ago and was completely blown away. I love her hard mean look and sweet, dreamy, ephemeral, soft voice (whoa adjectives) cf. "You don't have to be afraid", "Jessica", "Yellowcake". She's teamed up with producer John McEntire (Tortoise, Stereolab, Sea & Cake: all also stellar) worked on the soundtracks for August Rush and Into the Wild and has done loads of collaborations with other artists. check it.

ps. to come clean--yes--another girl crush

Playing with Pink Noise (skill):

Yellowcake (voice):


The Dahle's said...

ok so I didn't even know you had a blog! How exciting! I learned new things on your blog since you know about a lot of stuff that I don't lol. I miss you too. Call me sometime.

Anonymous said...

LOVED her on the August Rush soundtrack. Fell in love with her then. She's unreal. I had no idea she came to SL. P.S. I'm going to the Adele concert. I'm so excited I can't hardly sleep at night. Are you going?