turkey slash nes

today I hooked up the NES or Nintendo Entertainment System or "old school Nintendo."
This holiday weekend I have managed to work as little as possible, eat my body weight approximately four times over, and yes, geek out on the Nintendo. It's so wonderful. My NES is the same one I received for Christmas in 1990 and most of my games are still around including the favorites of Battletoads (pictured), DuckTales (pictured), Bubble Bobble, Super Mario Brothers, Kirby's Adventures and many others. I spent hours with these games conquering levels, beating bosses (in this sense I believe Nintendo was my generations first assimilation into mob culture making us accepting of and hungry for hits like The Sopranos), smashing fingers beneath the horrifying tilt of banana chairs, and sucking down Otter Pops to my small heart's content (here I think Otter Pops deserve their own shout out for being awesome). Culturally, gaming has advanced to incredibly giving us Second Lives and guilds to belong to, online communities that encompass some 6 or so million worldwide (phenomenal). We're all suddenly aware of the intricate guitar riffs of classic rock--making each of us a Jimmy Page of sorts--not to mention we are all at free will to become mass killers if we so choose. It's a stimulation overload providing the culture with unprecedented levels of ADHD and other behavioral problems, phenomenal i say. However, I'm sticking to my roots and I plan to conquer DuckTales at some point today. If you also want to pay homage to your youth, one of the comic book nerds at work showed me Game Vault where you can watch tributes to these amazing games you have more likely than not pushed from your memory. it's Christmas time, time for nostalgia, and pulling out your NES is my first recommendation for a good time.

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