... one lump or two?

"The Bee Hive Tea Room is located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City in the historic Clift Building, on the corner of 3rd South and Main Street. Decorated with an eclectic mix of second-hand furniture, the Beehive gives an atmosphere of having "stepped back in time" when tearooms in cities like New York and San Francisco were bohemian hangouts frequented by artists and writers."

In the day to day monotony that I allow to become my life, sometimes I forget about the corners and nooks that are unique to the place where I live. I get wound up in my desire to go somewhere new and change everything that I forget to reflect on the great things that are just down the street.

meet--The Beehive Tea Room

An adorable and quaint tea shop in downtown Salt Lake. It is quite delectable. Boasting 35 loose leaf teas, french press coffee, and a small selection of beers it's a wonderful way to lull a blustery afternoon this winter (if you're in town). Their sandwiches and soups are super tasty for lunch, you can go to a formal "Afternoon Tea" any day promptly at 2PM, and if it interests you, you may join their Nancy Drew Book Club. Also, don't miss the precious tea sets for sale, my heart aches for them.

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date night? I think so.