fresh steps

image via fortysixth at grace

i feel hopeful.
i graduated with my BA this year...right before everything fell apart. crazy economy, terrible job market--you know all about it. i honestly feel that i'm really in the best situation i could be in for the hit (no kids, no house, etc.) but i also have been feeling terribly stunted. a good 6 month funk of job application after job application (over 30) with only 2 interviews, both of which i was turned down from. living in an apartment that resembles and over-sized closet, working the same job. things, although certainly not bad, were not interesting either. but a storm of change has been brewing and good things have come my way.

1. New apartment is getting painted and cleaned for me and the sweet boy to move into!
it's pretty darling. the building is a certified historic in downtown Salt Lake City. The integrity of the building so well kept, all original flooring etc. and so so charming. the view of The Cathedral of the Madeline can't be beat either. I also bought the most amazing antique dresser for under $200 at the most amazing consignment shop. I totally see this apt as a new ongoing, exciting, crafty project to keep me busy and entertained. I've been brewing with ideas.

2. I have blogged earlier about joining the Transfusion Hype Cast. It's been so good to get back into dancing. To make it sweeter I was just hired on the Utah Valley University dance faculty. It was very last minute, so things have been stressful but it's such an amazing opportunity! Adjunct Professor certainly won't look bad on any future applications. I figure if i can't get a grown-up, salaried job I should be building my resume and continuing to work toward...something. So luckily--luckily this came to me. I still need to make a syllabus etc. but I look forward to this incredible door that's been opened leading only to new exciting possibilities. I'm also starting my Modern dance class at the University of Utah next week and I continue choreographing and teaching for The Contemporary Movement as well. At around age 18 I thought the universe in its own way was telling me to go in a new direction, so i did, dance was removed from the scene. And it was good. I loved my major, I've worked in interesting college jobs, etc. But in a wonderfully unexpected way, dancing has really come back into my life. (my parents couldn't be more thrilled after paying my dance tuition for so many years).

3. Inauguration day is coming. I (with everyone else) have so much hope for Obama. I don't expect him to fix everything and I don't envy his job. But it's so nice to feel like I can get behind the leaders of our country, that values are shared, and that change can begin to take place.