I drive and I drive and I drive and I drive and then I have yet another reason to get back into the car and drive some more. Hundreds of miles per week, it is not uncommon for me to spend 4 hours of my day behind the wheel of a vehicle. Driving to 3 jobs spanning 50 miles of 2 valleys in my own vehicle, not to mention that one of these jobs is delivering to nuclear medicine departments in hospitals from Ogden to South Salt Lake in a state car--

The irregular verb that best describes my daily monotony: "to drive" conjugated as such:
Base Form: Drive
Past Simple: Drove
Past Participle: Driven
3rd Person Singular: Drives
Present Participle/Gerund: Driving

I don't know what happened today, but I returned from my morning run of driving (6am-8:45am) to find that I had another run to go on (9am-10am) and I got incredibly emotional about it. I really need a minute to decompress. I just didn't want to anymore. Not when I know i have a 45min drive to teach, the 45 min drive back to teach again (completing a 12 hour work day), and I'm probably going to have to go grocery shopping today ... driving to the grocery store right now sounds utterly overwhelming.

*Note: I realize how lucky I am to have these jobs and greatly appreciate them regardless of my complaining at times.

*Also note that my friends are now: neil conan, renee montagne, steve inskeep, terri gross, diane rehm, doug fabrizio, ira glass, you know the crew...

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