one year

(*in Amsterdam--of course)

i sometimes find myself in awe that time can be quantified. one-year seems to mark a mile stone of sorts, encapsulating so much and the blink of an eye simultaneously. one-year with my darling has included things i couldn't have imagined, it's been unbelievably stressful and incredibly easy (simultaneously), including and certainly not limited to:

"the letter". 2 complicated break-ups (among other things). las vegas. my birthday. graduating college (with a decent GPA). straight A semester at Cambridge University (UK). Cambridge-London-Amsterdam-Prague -Budapest. Erykah Badu and Al Green (those being the two most notable). Yellowstone. christmas in Coeur D' Alene. Canyonlands think tank (notable with all of the national drilling controversy). Transfusion Hype Dance Company. dance faculty position at UVU and teaching modern dance at UU. senior thesis. a new apartment together. his birthday. valentines

maybe it doesn't look like much, however, for me and the people in my life, it sure seems like a copious amount. not that i'm complaining--that's not it at all--it's been a roller coaster, an adventure, a challenge, my life has totally changed as i've grown this last year, i trust myself, i believe in following my intuition more than ever, and i feel better than i have in so long--


welundell said...

I am so happy for you, you have done so many wonderful things. I would love to hear the details on even just one of these events! Yes Emmy we need to find a chance to get together a phone call would be nice, but most of all I want to see your face!

welundell said...

We moved to my parents basement, and terapy because I failed a test.