No posts for Valentine's Day because I was too busy enjoying Cava mimosas and a pretty new money tree (trunk shown). We did take out from Bombay House (of course--if you know anything about me you know my insatiable appetite for Indian food) and a nice bottle of Pino Noir Friday (to avoid the crowds Sat.), and played it cool Saturday by staying home and whipping up a mustard/dill crusted salmon, butter parsnips, salad, and chocolate chip cookies. By the way Cook's Illustrated is the most amazing website you could ever buy a subscription to. (I made my darling German chocolate cake with a cashew, coconut, and coffee frosting--to die for--for his birthday).

P.S. For next year: Warburg's I Like You may be the sweetest gift on the planet (and only $6.95--if times are still rough).


libby said...

Sounds like a wonderful Valentine's Day. Love the monkey tree.
We would absolutely love it if you made Pittsburgh part of your trip! There's an extra bedroom in our house, and I know there are some great places you would absolutely LOVE out here. It is a little out of your way though, about 5 hours away from Philly. If you can't fit Pittsburgh in, Mack and I may be able to make it out to visit you, depending on your time frame. I would love to see you!

Drew Danburry said...

i love this book you mentioned. it's a great book. an ex-girlfriend gave it to me for valentine's day and i still have it. the book is worth having. completely.