when i was a girl i was good at embroidery

*blog title stolen from Casey Dienel's album Wind-Up Canary (2006) you'll totally fall for the kitschy vibe, vibrant piano, and her super sweet voice, song: embroidery. check it.

a new etsy shop? i come from a chain of women who are incredible at handmade anything and my sister is coming up with ideas everyday. i feel the key to any sort of etsy project is a bit of cohesion in the shop, specialty items with a method to the madness. any pokes or prods in one direction or another from anyone? as far as i know anyone who looks at this silly blog knows me personally and knows what i do. if there's a mystery person that has suggestions i think that's equally intriguing. we've got ideas brewing already, but some feedback would be interesting/inspiring/encouraging.

*note: don't ask about all the "i" words today. i can't explain it to myself, let alone to anyone else.

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