Artists and Models

The joy of netflicks. I received Artists and Models(1955) 2 days ago and watched it last night. Now, despite the fact that my mother despises Jerry Lewis (as she does most physical comedians with the exception of Lucille Ball) I love love loved this movie as a kid. It's been years and years since I'd seen it. Dean Martin is sexy as ever, Jerry Lewis is--as always--himself, Doris Malone is as stunning as barbie when she steps out of the shower in heels, and a super young Shirley MacLaine is quirky and adorable (although you know my adoration of her lends me to bias). It's brilliant. Netflicks is brilliant. I'm seriously considering rush ordering it for my niece's 9th (yes, 9 years old!!!) birthday coming up later this month. It's about the age I fell for this movie, and since you could say she's nearly a clone of me, I know she'll also find love. I think stitching up a Bat Lady costume would be a stellar Halloween idea. And someone else could go as either The Vulture or the fat lady, no the bat lady, the fat lady.

*Another good note is that today while being paid at work I was finally able to vacuum and detail my car.

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