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If you are unfamiliar with the cartoon Home Movies you are completely missing out. I have seasons 1-3 on DVD and will gladly lend them to you. It's hilarious. Smart-humor absent of the crudeness present in nearly every other adult cartoon (although I appreciate these as well). It turns out Coach McGuirk is not only a youth soccer coach of fiction:

(from fox news...and no i don't subscribe to what the fox network has to say, it just happened to be the first 5 google hits of my search for an article.)

Youth Soccer Coach Resigns Over 'Losing Is for Losers' E-Mail

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

SCITUATE, Mass. — The coach of a soccer team for 6- and 7-year-old girls resigned after receiving criticism for a season-opening e-mail sent to parents.

Michael Kinahan wrote in his resignation letter to the board of the Scituate Youth Soccer League that people failed to see the humor in his e-mail, in which he said "losing is for losers" and encouraged parents to feed their daughters "undercooked red meat."

Kinahan, who dubbed his team "Green Death," said the e-mail was meant to give parents a "chuckle."

League registrar Chris Park told the Patriot Ledger of Quincy that some parents understood the tone of the e-mail. Others did not, and complained.

Coach McGuirk on Losing:

you tube "home movies cartoon" or "coach mcguirk" for endless time-wasters-at-work laughs.

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