Guess Who Just Turned 3?!

Of course (if you are familiar with my bleeding heart for animals) I had to pick the smallest, sickest, most helpless kitten in the rescue center.

Well, that and the fact she was a calico--sigh.

When I first got her a friend asked me, "how did you get a cat to breed with a moth?" she was so tiny she could sit in the palm of my hand.

And now she's a hearty, healthy, sassy, wonderful capeetie. She's got such beautiful stark markings.*

She's taken to my personality, mostly my sassing and whining at home (ask darling), so naturally we get along beautifully.

Fosse baby, we've had three wonderful years together--here's to you boogie.

*If everyone else can sap about their kids on their blogs I'm allowed to kitty shmooze on her birthday.
But seriously, how precious is she?

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welundell said...

what a pretty kitty, well you know my love for animals and especially cats but I shall admire her from a distance. How is lolle, (how would go about spelling that?) you know your cat that loved sleepovers?