Happy Easter

Few things will signify Easter Sunday morning to me the way panoramic sugar eggs do. I'm not sure what it is (to this day) that thrills me about their small dioramas, but how I so loved to hold and peek into the tiny world of sugar chicks, geese and bunnies. The mere fact of their exquisite existence was wonderful and beyond my comprehension skills--how does this come to be, so lovely and perfect? Holding and smelling the sugar egg while admiring the gorgeous intricate frosting art, they were, without a doubt, my favorite part of the day. I have always been a sucker for detail. Alas, I haven't seen one of these beauties in years.

This day the sun is shining, birds chirping, the cathedral bells outside my window are dancing, and coffee is about to brew--hope you have a lovely holiday as well!

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welundell said...

ah I just love reading your blog. You and my sister in law, Krista, are my two most favorite blogs to read. Maybe it's the English majors, but you two have such a way with words! Happy Easter! I love you! and I was always jealous, you and Suzy always had those pretty eggs...