I just said it to myself, thinking of balloons, and wondering.

*Grand Teton National Park

Thoughts and Wonderings:
I would love the weather to warm up so darling and I can use all the wonderful camping gear we got for Christmas. Not to mention that waking up at 4:25AM is much easier to do when the weather is nice.

Thank you thank you to the lovely ladies that helped me with Mock Audition class at UVU. The dancers and I took time Wednesday to reflect on the class. Although it was admittedly hard: new people, pressure to learn quickly, pressure to remember choreography and perform simultaneously, those who came enjoyed it and recommend doing it in the future. They loved both combinations, the juxtaposition of the two instructors, and the confluence of advice from the two worlds of dance represented (musical theater/LA based music video). The most pervasive comment is that the class was "eye-opening" and a reminder of what to do in preparation for the auditions coming up. Can I now place a check mark next to the objective on my outline in the syllabus?

TFA results on Monday. eek

The semester is winding down and everything has come due. Grading papers is not easy or fun; however, I am so lucky and so grateful for the opportunity I have been given to teach at the schools I do. I've learned loads. If possible, I wouldn't mind making it a permanent career path a few years later in life. Of course it all depends on what the country's reform entails, and graduate school and all of those other constituents that come together to form ones future. Even in today's financially-frustrating-high unemployment-horrible year to graduate college status, I only have possibility ahead of me--youthful, fresh, and vibrant as I am.

My sisters kids are so funny. We took a trip to the aquarium today--which was ridiculously crowded--and I'm always in wonder around them. I think it's because children, as a demographic, are absent from my day to day interactions. They're hilarious, and adorable, and gross and interesting but I am definitely content with Fosse for the rest of the foreseeable future.

Oddly enough, nearly as interesting as children are creatures in aquariums. I have always lived in the desert and creatures of the sea and wetlands are incredible and bizarre, otherworldly and difficult to comprehend. ooh--I touched a sting ray today.

New choreography projects are underway and have my brain churning with ideas, music, costume creations, explorations and exploitations of space and people and movement...yum

peace. love.


Rachel Swan said...

I was at the aquarium also! It was INSANE, sooooo many littles in one place. I'm sad I didn't see you, it would have been nice to say hello. Happy weekend!

welundell said...

Where is Anne Michelle living with her darling kids these days...I have actually only seen Hannah but i'm certain the others are just as adorable!