Sarah's Smash Shack

i heard about Sarah's Smash Shack in San Diego a few months ago on Morning Edition on NPR. Recently it has crept up in a few articles here and there, may I just say it is truly brilliant. Here's the jist: you may bring your own ceramic or purchase stacks of plates, cups, ashtrays, etc. You are given the opportunity, should you like, to take a sharpie to these items, writing all of your frustrations away. Set your ipod to whatever playlist you choose and the songs of your choice blast over the break room's killer stereo system. Goggles, helmet, go. Yes, the break room where you are allowed to throw and break anything you choose and best of all they clean up the mess for you. Like I said, brilliant. Apparently this is one local small business that is doing remarkably well in these trying times. Noteworthy note: They donate all of the broken ceramic pieces to local schools and art programs for mosaic making. How wonderful is that? I wish something similar were slightly closer to the Rocky Mountains.

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