Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!
for the mother's I know today:

a dainty monogrammed mug from anthropologie 6-

lotus and white cucumber tazo tea 4-

my go-to for every dry skin situation (hands, nails, lips, nose in winter) always found in my bag, rosebud salve 6-

I always give mugs and tea/coffee or books. Always. It may seem like the Sissy Jupe version of a gift card but it's sincere, I think it's both sweet and practical. (not to mention easy on the pocketbook--moving is so expensive)


Ann-Michelle said...

I Love it. Thanks :)

sissy said...

Gma Mary called with the nicest message. She loves it. She said it makes her feel "like Alice in wonderland, drinking dandelion greens and all that."