Photo Love

I have a huge crush on nerd boyfriend.

Dina Goldstein's "Fallen Princesses" project.

The Uniform Project.

Thumbing through any issue of Lula I can get my hands on. It's always so hard to find, 2 issues per year is not quite enough.

** A note of photo hate-- please, no more pictures of hand towels shaped into origami animals from cruises, please?


libby said...

I LOVE the fallen princesses project. It's such a novel idea, and she is a great photographer. Wow.

welundell said...

Those pictures are gross...the ones with the towels. Although I shall consider myself guilty. I plead ignorance, I was young...yes youngER what 12 that is young no?

Ann-Michelle said...

The crazy thing is that I think I HAVE that dress from the uniform project. It is Hannah's, it came from target, and has huge red buttons.