Get Big Shoulders and Get Noticed!

Pull out your shoulder pads and power dress suit 'cause this woman is back to work!

Monday I start a new full-time job. I'm really excited to start feeling more connected and having my own income but it's going to be hard to leave Cash all day. I feel like I have a small taste for what mothers go through when their baby has to go to a sitter, or the little ones go to pre-school/kindergarten. We're looking into daycare at least a few days a week but 5 days a week is unaffordable. We have a crate, but I still feel like he's too young to be kenneled all day ... What are yall doing with your pups during the day?

Wish me luck!


libby said...

we had this issue too when reggie was a puppy. we tried kenneling, but felt horrible, and finally ended up getting out the hack saw and cutting a hole in our door, installing a dog door, a fence, and investing in some gates for our house. now we just let him run around in the "dog proofed" area of our house, sleep in his posh little costco bed, and roam between inside and outside while we're gone. it was a little bit of a project, but well worth it. happier reggie, happier parents.

good luck!

Anonymous said...

I feel weird that you and lib are swapping "doggy mommy" advice.

anyway, oddly enough I was thinking about shoulder pads today because I was sitting behind a woman today with shoulder pads in her coat which was draped on the back of her chair. 'Member how we used to put shoulder pads on our non-existence breasts instead of on our shoulders? Hmm...little did we know we would SO NOT need those later.