Sewing Room (nook) Inspiration

The scoop: My mother (who is an incredible seamstress) has always had a "sewing room." An entire room dedicated to the storage of fabrics and notions and patterns and cutting tables and machines and irons and, well, everything. The room has never been known for it's tidiness, but seriously, how amazing is having your own sewing room?

So, I am less fortunate when it comes to my workspace/craftspace. I had a plastic microwave stand that I was no longer using in the kitchen that I paired with a chair I refinished to use as a dance prop and turned it into a sewing-slash-work table (I know, glamorous). This little workspace I created was again transformed into Darling's computer desk (still glamorous). Mostly, this story details and highlights the lack of furniture and storage Darling and I have...

So, these images jumped out at me in their use of space, furnishing, function, and aesthetic. Maybe soon (fingers crossed) I can carve out a little functional space of my own? The thread pegs down the side of the dresser in the top photo is brilliant (just remember to wind them up when you're finished using them) mixed with the chalkboards in the second... I love the idea of refinishing and using a dresser or armoir as a little hide-it-all-away-yet-store-everything-in-the-same-place piece... my brain is seriously churning.

images via Bloesem Open House, Kristin Loffer Thesis, Fiona, Danielle

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