Since the big move, Darling and I have really taken to eating at home. There is no good explanation (to me) for just getting by with meals at home and living it up when we go out to eat. This is not to say that everything I make is delicious. Quite the contrary. I have a lot of experimental stabs where some come out better than others, and all recipes take multiple tries before there's any sort of consistent outcome.

This butternut squash tortellini was calling to me but I couldn't find the wanton skins it calls for in a timely fashion. I adapted the recipe and stuffed it into manacotti shells. The result was flavorful, fresh, fall(ish), and subtle. An involved meal, but worth it (I think going with tortellini is *actually* the way to go for round 2). I don't really photograph in the kitchen so you'll have to imagine this one...

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