Broadway Dance Center

What is New York for a dancer if not an incredible opportunity for taking classes? From the second I stepped inside BDC I have to admit that I was instantly lost in a flurry of emotion: Sadness, because it's become such a small part of my life. Anger, at everyone in NY who doesn't take advantage of the opportunities they have. Excitement, because it's dance class in New York. Nervousness, Jealousy, Enthusiasm ... you get the idea, I think I spanned the entire spectrum.

So, my request upon arrival in town was to take class from Luam, who is kind of the "it" hip hop choreographer in NY among dance circles right now. The class combo I learned to Lil' Kim's "How Many Licks" has not been posted on YouTube as of today. I did, however, select a couple of videos for your viewing enjoyment to show you just what a badass she is.

**Notice: You should probably avoid viewing unless you have an entire hour to follow up on YouTube, it gets addicting.**

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Ann-Michelle said...

What would it be like to be a hip hop genius??????