Felt Fancy

I might be in over my head in my attempts to hand make felt and paper ornaments for my tree as well as gifting a few of them to close friends and family. But even while I'm up to my ears in felt, it's hard not to be inspired by the creativity, beauty, and talent of others using the same medium. It's a little hard to take sometimes.

Here are a few tutorials and patterns should you be feeling ambitious:

Unexpected ornaments Free Pattern/Tutorial Here

I think these gorgeous felt dolls would make a couple little girls in my life very, very happy.Free Pattern/Tutorial Here

Toadstool Pin Cushion Free Pattern/Tutorial Here

Cupcake Party! Free Pattern/Tutorial Here

Know someone who wants to make tasty felt play food? Patterns $6 Here (At least look at the shop, it's pretty remarkable.)

heartfelt, handmade, budget friendly (most felt is $0.25 per sheet and goes a long way), free patterns/tutorials, creative outlet, not too hard, pretty. pretty.

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Joseph & Julianna said...

whoa, I've never seen an egg carton made of felt! The mushroom pin cushion was my favorite. Good luck