Free Parking

Darling and I found ourselves drifting in and out of city parks as we tromped through the town. We found Bryant Park to be a sort of central hub where we designated "meeting places," walked, ice skated, browsed through holiday shops, and admired the city from afar, or, rather, we were allowed a wee bit of space to see things from a short distance rather than meeting everything nose to nose.

We spent one night at the swank Bryant Park Hotel on the twentieth floor with our own balcony and stunning view:

The Bank of America Tower completed in 2009 boasts itself as the greenest skyscraper in America.

Skating Rink, Fashion Stroll.

New York Public Library. One of my favorite parts of the trip was our walk through this building.

Glass blown holiday beauties found everywhere (I love the Metro Card).


Strolling through Central:


Ann-Michelle said...

How did I not know that there was a statue of Alice in Central Park???

Jessica C. said...

Emily your photos are fantastic! What a great way to spend the holiday season!