I <3 NY ...

Photos snapped, things happened, here's a last blurb to show you what we did:

Window Shopping, Midtown:

Actual Shopping, Midtown:

NYC Ballet Nutcracker, Lincoln Center. A-mazing. I was so stressed out about not having black heels and for what?? pfff... E and I ended up sporting black galoshes as evening wear and called it a day:

Love-Mantra, Brooklyn:

Doing what it is we do best, Brooklyn:

The Tree, Rockefeller Center:

Where Alexander Hamilton is buried, and George Washington went to church. Once the tallest building in New York, Trinity Church:

BUY! BUY! SELL! SELL!, The New York Stock Exchange:

My Scott Shuman attempt, Brooklyn:

Pretending to be locals, Grand Central Station.

Freedom Tower Construction, Ground Zero. Estimated completion date~2013-18

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