May Your Days be Merry and White

Whew! I returned to Memphis last night around 10:30PM from a whirlwind of a week. Rather than trying to compile some monster post of my 10-day holiday adventure, I'm opting to do a few smaller highlight posts instead.

Thank you so so sooooo much to S & E for being fantastic hosts and wonderful friends. We (obviously) had an incredible time.

Our first day in the city, New York decided to let her first snow fall. We walked out onto Times Square after seeing In the Heights (which comes highly recommended--from me--as both a performance and soundtrack, it's a blast) to swirly-twirly-it's-snowing-side-ways-whiteout everywhere:

The resemblance to Grumpy Old Men is striking...

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welundell said...

White Christmas foto is simply adorable! (holiday card for next year?) your Christmas vaca looks amazing! i'm glad you had a great time