TGivins (A Thankful Edition)

I suppose when it comes to "giving thanks" it is better late than never...

Wednesday I got on an airplane:

To fly here:

So I could spend Tgivins with these guys:

But I really, really missed these boys:

Really though, who could resist faces like these?:

Darling is my bread and butter. He's an incredibly hard worker, persevering through loooong hours of rigorous, mentally taxing work each day while trying to better himself and his students. It's not easy. Every single day has presented new challenges for us to face but we manage to get though and still like one another. It's December now, which means we're approaching 5 months in Memphis and he's completed 1/4 of his Teach For America commitment, I'm so proud. Each success and milestone brings new hope and ambition for the two of us, our future, and the things we can accomplish. He is without a doubt my number one influence and I am constantly learning new things from him. constantly. With me, he has been patient, been provider, been lover and supporter, been partner in crime and in journey, been challenger and companion. I love him incredibly. I truly have no idea where I would find myself today if he were not my capeetie(certainly, I wouldn't be in Memphis).

Of course I am also thankful for little Cash Man. Cash has taught me patience (lots of it), the importance and value of consistency, improved my communication skills, and shown me nothing but loads and loads of loving. We still butt heads every once in a while (as he tends to fall on the stubborn side), but our bond and the trust he places in me as pack leader (mommy) to take care of things has been an incredible experience. I didn't grow up with dogs at home, so learning with Cash, and trying my best to be a responsible pet owner has been so rewarding and enriching. I love him in our family.

My sister is my sanity and my relief from ... (insert anything here) ... Who would have ever thought (in the past) that I would say that? But seriously. She's cool and talented and "gets" things that only blood-kin growing up under the same roof can.

My sister has adorable children, all of which are hilarious:

Millie is wide-eyed and playful. She always wants "some" (and "some"= food, foodie food like: goat cheese and quiche and asparagus--my kinda gal) and she loves kitties and books.

Benny is impatient and energetic. He's incredibly athletic and coordinated for his bite sized britches. He has a really big head and he's super finicky. My two favorite things about Benny is how he speaks about "Benny" in the third person and how much Benny loves love. Benny loves to be loved on.

Hannah is such a little charmer. She has found a way to wrap Grandma and Grandpa (my parents) around and around and around her little finger. She has a very special relationship with my parents for which I'm grateful. She and I were able to have a few sleepovers over the break--just girls. She's super sweet and creative is a superb dancer. really. technically she is blowing my pants out of the water. I'm excited to watch her grow up, and am simultaneously nervous she'll turn into another version of me.

Music and Games and Family

Friends I haven't connected with in years (much longer than I've been living away).

Delicious Food

Thankful for everything. For our jobs, the food in our fridge, our health, our insurance, our cars, literature, education, independence, and on and on and on (so I'll end with an ellipses) ...


I need to take pictures of the place, I had some, and then I accidentally deleted them. There's new furniture, possibly the most secular Christmas tree (ha! we don't even have a santa) with handmade/homemade ornaments, pictures going on the walls, and still loads more to be done. It's fun to do and watch as we have definitely been making progress, working on: purging, organizing, putting away, and really utilizing all of the space we have.

Okay okay, I'm done now, just take one more for the road.

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Laurel said...

And I am thankful for you! I am very sad I did not see you while you where in fork town.
Good news is...after knowing each other this long...I don't think our friendship will end over a missed reunion. Love love!