What do I care, how much it may storm?

December has hit and although snow-less, Memphis is getting c-o-l-d. Although Cash is a mixed breed, he has definitely taken on the Shar Pei coat: Shar Pei translates to "sand skin," this breed lacks any sort of undercoat and the fur is short and fine, (bristly if brushed or pet against growth direction) they also have little to no shedding.

I've noticed other short hair breeds in jackets this past week on Cash's daycare playground. These are all 50+ lb. dogs, no sissy Yorkies in rhinestones and Juicy Couture but jackets that seem to serve a very functional purpose. On daycare days, Cash spends about 7 hours outside; when the wind chill is near 27 degrees and the temperature is on a continual decline I feel bad for the poor boy. He hates being cold.

So, dog parkas in online stores can run around $100 (!!) and dog coats in pet stores or in pet sections at Old Navy, Target, Gap, etc. are all made for tiny dogs. My solution = DIY, duh. Here are a few online options (free patterns + tutorials) I've been looking at:

My Pick for Cash, made with recycled/reused materials:
Reuse, Recycle


Trendy Tweed

It's amazing what one can find for dogs online...

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