Your Girlfriend

I just sent these pictures of Natalie Portman (found on A Cup of Jo Via Elle) to Darling in an email titled "Your Girlfriend."

Gee whiz she's pretty.

Friday night Darling and I decided to keep it low key. We left the going out and the getting crunk to the young and reckless and found ourselves getting massages (good call, no?). Marquis, my massage therapist, not only was fantastic but also told me I looked like Kate Winslet....hmmm,

"oh really? me? you think??" pffffffff.

No one has ever said I look like Kate Winslet but I'll take it--pretty, voluptuous red head? pffffff. sure.

He certainly knows how build his clientel.

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Samuel said...

I should tell you that darling was way interested in N.P. since he first saw her in Leon. Which I STILL think is way creepy.