Snow Day? No Way!

Memphians speak about snow as if the apocalypse is approaching. One article in yesterday's Commercial Appeal (the big local paper) details what the city should do should the predicted INCH (yes folks, one inch) fall Thursday:

Later Tuesday, about 50 city, county and suburban officials met with the Memphis and Shelby County Emergency Management Agency to form a plan should a weather emergency be called.

50 person meeting? Weather Emergency? an inch of snow friends. (Might I also mention the grocery stores were packed with people stocking up on food last night.)
I do acknowledge and understand that there have been a few deaths in Tennessee due to the cold weather. Pipes are bursting, there are a lot of poor urban areas where families cannot afford heat, etc. A big contributor to these unfortunate cases is the fact that the cold has hit so abruptly (people, materials, etc. have not properly acclamated to the cold), as opposed to the actual temperature dropping to unreasonable lows.

Regardless, I was really looking forward to my first real snow day.

Never once did I have a snow day in grades K-12. And the university held maybe 3 in all of my college years, but, it hardly counts as work was never canceled due to inclement weather. Well, this morning Memphis City Schools decided to keep schools open despite the rest of Shelby County closing its doors. Schools are open--we are open.

Although a snow day sounds dreamy, this particular video is making me long for spring as well as reigniting my desire to live in a Sophia Coppola-esque dream land...

d a c e Spring 2010 videolook from André Pinces on Vimeo.

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