The Time! The Time! Who's Got The Time?!

Lately, I seem to be drawn to articles and books (I'll post the most recent on Monday) with common threads and linear patterns. I don't know if I'm searching to become aware of certain things, or if I'm striving for some sort of internal solution for an undefined uneasiness (?) ... I'm not there yet

"The Faster We Live, The Shorter We Seem To Be On Time"

This disconnect between our perception of how things work and how things actually work is generating countless planetary and existential crises. We have specialized and elaborated our rapid temporal framework and achieved unprecedented mastery over our immediate circumstances, in the process detaching our responses from groundings in the slower processes of nature. We have become the fastest-living creature on earth, producing more than the earth can absorb or sustain, changing entire ecosystems and environments faster than lifeforms can adjust, and straining our own capacity to deal with our ever more dense, eventful, experience-packed lives in which the dominant feeling is that we never have enough time.

from NPR

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