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The New York Times accurately put it this way:

If we have overindulged in anything these past several days, it is neither holiday ham nor American football; it is Top 10 lists. We have been stuffed full of them. Even in these self-restrained pages, it has been impossible to avoid the end-of-the-decade accountings of the 10 best such-and-suches and the 10 worst fill-in-the-blanks...

They go on to excuse Bono's Top 10 list because it looks into the future, rather than dwells on the past. I've never been one for New Years Resolutions, not because I always break them, but, because I have never seriously set them. I'm looking into the future with 2010 and here are a few of the things I would like to work on/toward:
(in no hierarchical order)

1) Simplify. Reduce what we have to the essentials and loves. Have only things we love and use, and avoid "extra" for "extra's" sake.
2) Get serious about saving.
3) Financial planning with Darling.
4) Read 45 books.
5) Reuse, Repurpose, and Recycle as many things as possible, again, Reducing waste.
6) Eat Well. Both eating delicious things and more whole, less processed foods.
7) Cook/Bake it at home, as much as possible. Develop cooking skills and opt to make what we can at home instead of buying it from the store (I'd like to try doing bread, cheese, snacks, dog treats, etc.)
8)More dance, more yoga, more water, more physical well-being in general (and in general that means dance and yoga). A weekly class (it is weird to read myself type this goal... slipping, slipping).
9) Work Hard.
10) Be. Be Nice. Be Creative. Be Open. Be Willing. Be Accepting. Be Loving. Be Adventurous. Be Sympathetic...

**oops! and plant a garden

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