I recently joined Memphis' modern/contemporary dance collective Project:Motion. Rehearsals for our June show (eMPHasis on BLUE) begin next week once Axis finishes up.

This weekend I'll be working concessions and stage strike for AXIS. If you're in Memphis, check it out, that's all I can say. It will better both you and the community--I promise. The Arts in Memphis really and truly do need support, this, on top of the fact that I think it is going to be a really interesting show.

Three distinctly versatile guest artists align with Project: Motion and converge in Memphis for an unforgettable performance of contemporary dance. Seattle artists Juliet Waller Pruzan and Stephen Hando’s unpredictable and quirky theatrical dance style versus the fiercely dynamic work of Pennsylvania artist Ursula Payne will combine forces to deliver an evening of deeply imaginative and thought provoking dance.The performance will feature solo works by the artists, as well as two duets by Pruzan and Hando, a duet by Payne featuring Wayne M. Smith, and an ensemble work by Payne set on Project: Motion dancers.

Sneak Peek:

and, on another dancing note...
When I was home watching Strangers With Candy I 3-times rewound this clip. For any and all Stephen Colbert slash Strangers With Candy fans--You're Welcome:

Happy Weekend

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Logan said...

Wish I could come partake of what I'm sure will be an awesome dance experience. Have fun!

Colbert is genius.