I Quilt!

Okay, okay. I really don't have the desire to learn to knit just yet. I'm going to enjoy the benefits of my mother's knitting classes and push that off for later. What I am interested in, however, is making a quilt/bedspread for Darling and I. I have the book Quilts Quilts Quilts and have been taken with some of their patterns, including versions of "Ocean Waves":

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But after browsing online, there seems to be a never ending supply of great patterns and designs that I would love to get my hands on! I've never done a patchwork quilt (only tied) so this would be a new, and rather large, undertaking. Darling said he'd help cut.

None of the quilts I've pictured have a color scheme I'm super stoked on; but in the same breath, I don't know what color scheme I am super stoked on...

I love all-white, neutral rooms in photography, but I've never lived in such (seemingly) serene minimalism. I've always been drawn to more practical designs (pet owner), and choose instead to be surrounded by color and objects that I love and use. Which is not to say earthy, muted tones (maybe a mix of golds, camels, whites, creams, light grays?) wouldn't make a gorgeous addition to the otherwise colorful bedroom. Something that looks young without looking childish, and only enough grandma to execute a pretty Anthropologie kind of look? Can I do that??

No pressure.

Native American Rug Inspired


It's the pattern and texture, more than anything, I find so mesmerizing about quilting. I think it would be so neat to make my own.


What do you think? Do you have a color preference? Suggestions? Solids vs Patterns, Colors vs Neutrals, Light vs. Dark? I'm just starting to look at fabrics online and would love some additional ideas.


Pattern images from the amazing Purl Soho shop. I could do some serious damage on their site.


Joseph & Julianna said...

My friend's sister owns a quilting shop and have tons of cute ideas. http://piecenquilt.blogspot.com/

Logan said...

I like the last one pictured. It's colorful, but not too in your face. It looks antique-ish, like it came from anthro! Plus it would go with any color scheme, you could use it forever!!

Rachel Swan said...

hooray for quilts! Have you checked into Denyse Schmidt's designs? I think she has some really great patterns. I just started quilting last year, and I was able to do the 'Flock of Geese' triangle quilt in sweet vintage yellow fabrics for Sela for Christmas. I love to use a lot of white muslin in my quilts, I think it keeps it looking clean, simple, and the colors look more vibrant. Good luck!

p.s. Purl is my biggest weakness now that I sew - we actually have a category for it in our budget.