Jim Tierney + More Book Love

Miss S brought to my attention the senior thesis of one Mr. Jim Tierney, who designed new covers for a set of Jules Verne novels. Jim is insanely talented and studying illustration at UArts in Philadelphia. I've been flipping through his website and blog all morning.

As a kinesthetic learner, I have always been an advocate for books, newspapers, and magazines as opposed to online articles and kindles--I still used a 3 ring day planner and actually write down every single purchase I make in the crappy "Transaction Register" you get with your checkbooks. I need to hold it in my hands, I need to physically cross an item off the list; otherwise, it (whatever "it" may be) just doesn't register in my brain. I think I giggled when I watched this demo video. I think the interactive, whimsical nature of the covers is clever and beautifully executed. I'll be keeping my eye out for this kid in the future:

Jules Verne cover designs by Jim Tierney from Jim Tierney on Vimeo.

I'll definitely let you know should his prints slash book designs go up for sale.

Also, Miss S's husband has an awesome book review blog The Mookse and the Gripes and, upon reading it, I have significantly added to my "to-read" list. (There's a link to it under "Fancy Places" on the sidebar.) It blows my mind how much material he covers (both in quantity and in variety) and always (I mean always--he never runs out) has intelligent insights and commentary.

Thank you for sharing!


Samuel said...

What do you think? A few months ago, I watched Star Trek, District 9, and some other movie back to back. I did this because these were all movies I had heard were phenomenal, but which Elissa had no desire to see. The effect of watching them in rapid succession was that I largely enjoyed them, but had no post-movie rumination time in which the movie goes from good to revelatory. Do you get any similar revelation loss by reading books at such a fast clip? Or does each book exist independently for you, not bleeding into the next. Does this allow you the time to take notes or make marginalia? Or is that not part of your usual process in reading.

Emily said...

I've also been thinking mildly about my reading process these past few weeks...Let me chew on this for a second before I try to articulate anything. I'll give you an answer soon.