Two Years

Goodness me.

Two years together.

Our second year together mysteriously found a way to live up to (and even possibly exceed) the precedent of the first. I remembered my one year post (which feels like it could have been either 6 months, or 6 years ago), clicked back to reread and reflect on it, and thought about where we find ourselves after year two:

Acceptance into Teach For America. Graduating college. Spent 6 extremely difficult weeks living apart. Said goodbye to Mike. Said goodbye to Fosse. Packed up and wrapped up our lives in Utah. All that family stuff. Moved to Memphis. Met/adopted/fell in love with Cash. First-year teaching blues. Found a job. Weekend trips to Mississippi. Making new friends. First-year teaching blues. Christmas in New York and Coeur D'Alene. Project:Motion dance company. The first steps for Big Brother Big Sister completed. A real snow day. 28th Birthday. Valentines.

Our lives are busy and full. It has felt pretty epic. We've both been emotionally spent although we know we are both blessed and happy.

I can't believe we've been Memphians for almost 7 months.
I can't even tell you how strange it is to say that.

It's an adventure. I'm so, so lucky.


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