45 Books

Book 10:

The Professor and the Madman - Simon Winchester

The story of the making of the Oxford English Dictionary--its chief editor James Murray and leading information contributor Dr. William Minor who, it was later discovered, resided in an insane asylum. A truly fascinating and remarkable story. My major disappointment with this one was the fact that I felt it could have been longer, more thorough--maybe that would make a boring book? Maybe it's short for a reason? Personally, I could've delved into a bit more detail...

In other reading news I also finished:

I wouldn't say I liked it incredibly more than the first; however, the plot drives a little more strongly through this one. I think a boy at work said it best, "The first three books are like Scooby Doo mystery stories. Which is great and all, but they just get a lot better after that point..."

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