Danger Mouse

Driving home from work yesterday I heard the new single (The High Road) from the new project Broken Bells aka. Danger Mouse and lead singer of the Shins, James Mercer. Pretty awesome, definitely catchy. As of the last few years I inevitably think of Danger Mouse in terms of Gnarls Barkley--a most brilliant duo--however, the latest snazzy beat to hit the airwaves from the brainwaves of D.M. (for one reason or another) hit me in the face this time...

The Grey Album? Coommme onnn. I remember I stayed home sick the day The Grey Album leaked online and was all over MTV. The VJ's announced every 30 mins that this incredible new remix album (Jay-Z's The Black Album and the Beatles White Album) has been leaked online without copyright permission, and it was only going to be online FOR ANOTHER THREE HOURS--WINK WINK. I got the hint. I went straight for the download.

Producer of Gorillaz album Deamon Days and The Black Keys Attack & Release, collaborations with Beck and Sparklehorse. Of course there's Gnarls Barkley (Cee-Lo as been described as *"singing in the voice of the world's loneliest man"...intense and amazing and, true) to be taken into account and now the Shins...

I'm pretty sure if you asked me, "Who are your favorite musical artists?" Danger Mouse probably wouldn't make the list, or, more appropriately stated, he probably wouldn't even come to mind (and no, it's not a list I've actually made). But I've decided (officially) that I think he is awesome and supremely talented and has been onto a good thing for a while now... worth keeping up on.

Happy Listening.

* Great Gnarls Barkley interview here.

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