There has been some serious Mad Men catching up at my place. Since we don't get any sort of television (whatsoever), Netflix has become a dear friend. I have always wanted to be a redhead and hottie Joan Holloway's sexy-cool demeanor is only intensifying the appeal... (I've avoided dying my hair for years now, so, jumping into that kind of maintenance routine makes me cringe a little.)(Seriously, I am in awe of Christina Hendricks as Miss Holloway.)

I suppose I've always had a thing for redheads though. Remember the Lucille Ball phase? I know a slough of girls, from much younger days, that were obsessed with all things dolphins, moon and stars, pink (you get where this is going) -- For me, it was all things "I Love Lucy." I received alarm clocks, t-shirts, board games, lunch boxes, videos, wallets...any and all things "Lucy" at all celebratory events where gifts are generally given. Anytime anyone saw something "I Love Lucy" they, "just had to get it for me." Just 2 years ago, for Christmas, my mom gave me a Lucille Ball Barbie, jus' cause.

Gorgeous, powerful, minxy, larger-than-life redhead. That's what I still want to be when I grow up.


libby said...

love, love mad men. we're in the midst of the show as well, and I totally know what you mean. although, I love january jones. she's my fav. and isn't that the coolest name ever? january jones? I really want to name a little girl (if we ever have one) january. adorable.

ck said...

I have a few things to say I think..... but lost my train of thought. Oh yes, I have had a huge crush on Christina Hendricks since the moment I lay eyes on her. I did forget the rest..... oh well

welundell said...

I remember how you loved Lucy. I remeber the board game you had. I ironically just died my hair red...I know but i wanted more vibrancy I guess!