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I wish I looked as cool as this "Joanna Hillman" (whoever she is) today...

After speaking with my sister yesterday I have decided that I am in a full-fledged wardrobe crisis. I am not a big shopper. I'm just not. The last few years, the new clothing items I've acquired are either: 

1) Purchased (and generally picked out) by my mother who takes me shopping when she sees me because she feels bad I look a little shabby (thank god she's got decent taste). 
2) Purchased (and picked out) by Darling (because he's a great boyfriend and can generally dress me better than I dress myself). 
3) Hand-me-downs from my sister. 
4)  I got so frustrated I broke down, bit the bullet, and got what I needed (total trips approx. 4).

Now, this is all fine and good to a point (I'm certainly not "better" than hand-me-downs--whoot! thanks sister), its just that, I now face the problem of a closet full of clothes the majority of which don't really fit me, nor am I particularly fond of them. I could absolutely clear out 70% of my wardrobe (and my wardrobe is comparatively small to most) without so much as a sigh. So why don't I? Why don't I run a load to GoodWill and start filling up the empty hangers? Because I don't know how to dress myself...

Because I don't know how to dress myself! Ridiculous right?! Wrong!! Hello garment industry, I understand that your "sample sizes" are 00, I understand that our culture embraces youth and that you deem it necessary to hire 16 year old models and pass them for women. But must you make clothing to fit their young, blossoming and charmingly boyish figures and for their figures alone?? I have breasts. I have hips. and I'm TALL. So what, now I'm just flat out of luck?? Special order? Just buy the shirt I like 3 sizes too big so that I can button it over my chest and tailor the waist in later??

I don't want to purchase clothing that doesn't fit in the hopes that after a little sewing it'll look great. I realized that a majority of my clothing is skinny jeans (I have a much easier time finding pants than anything else) and tops that are billowy, baggy, or are mistaken as Darling's. I like tank tops and cardigans, I do! But I wouldn't mind a little variety. I don't want a wardrobe that is 90% jersey cotton because it'll stretch around the appropriate areas... 

I am not alone. Plenty of young women have "bodies"--so where are they buying clothes to fit them?
Stacy London, I need you
I need a tutorial. 
I need advice.

Please help. 


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Ann-Michelle said...

Every now and then the girl who writes Black White Yellow posts her seasonal wardrobe, and I always like it. Its usually from JCrew, which is probably WHY I like it. But it probably wouldn't fit me. I am also in wardrobe crisis mode, with no promising prospects. Why is it that the clothes I loved 7 months ago seem terrible now???? Sorry for all the handmedowns...