I Quilt!

So, I was browsing at The Purl Bee, and I came across a post about what looks like an amazing book Kaffe Fassett's Simple Shapes Spectacular Quilts.

Purl Bee says:

Kaffe Fassett is a legendary designer of quilts, knitting patterns, and fabric (amongst many other things.) He has a singular sense of style revolving around a vivid color palate, intricate construction, and unexpected juxtapositions. We are always excited to see a new book of his and his latest work...

This lovely new book is all about taking inspiration from everything around you, especially in regards to shapes. In the introduction Fassett tells us, "My ambition in this book is to draw attention to the basic shapes that we cut for quilts as they appear in our surroundings. The more we spot these shapes in the world... the more we can access the rich world of inspiration they provide."

The book is divided into chapters each devoted to a simple shape. It's amazing what can be done with simple squares or rectangles or triangles when you play with their color and placement.

Simple Shapes Spectacular Quilts contains 23 original quilt patterns and it also contains many pictures of the places and shapes that inspired them.

Gorgeous, no? I'm really excited to pick this book up. I know I haven't really posted much about quilts but I feel like I've seen patchwork everywhere since I decided to get serious about trying to make one--like all these at anthro, this one and this one and this one from Urban, not to mention a fewhere...

Here is the trailer made for the book (??):

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ck said...

I love this new ambition to quilt. Settling into our age.... Old souls. beautiful.