My Dog Ate My Homework...

Well, not exactly... he ate the cover of In Cold Blood (grr..). So, here we are: Monday, and, well, I don't have a book post for you. I'm just not really feeling the book I'm currently working on. It's the first one so far this year that I'm forcing myself to finish for the sake of finishing what I start. Hopefully I'll get it up and posted this week, or at least have something for next Monday.

That said, we had a great weekend. Friday, the dance show went according to schedule. I poured wine for guests in the lobby before the show and during intermission (needless to say I was a hit) and was able to sneak into the theater to watch the performance.

Saturday started with a puppy play session in Overton Park in some much needed sunshine, followed by a master class (free!) with some of the guest artists for the Project:Motion show, the U of M Tigers basketball game against Southern Miss (which we won--woot!) with the Rocks, drinks on Beale street, and... Salsa dancing to live music at the Rumba Room!

Intermission: Salsa Dancing = awesome. One of Darling's co-workers/fellow TFAers comes from Miami and her escape/relief from the insanity that is the first-year of teaching is salsa dancing every Saturday night. She invited all of the fellow KIPP teachers to join her and, since we were already downtown with the Rocks, we moseyed on over. The energy of a live band and a crowd of all levels makes for an exciting and unintimidating atmosphere. Not to mention, Darling is the best. He never gives me the "I don't dance" bit. He knows that it's something I love to do and is not only willing but excited about jumping in and learning with me. So, next weekend (or any Saturday for that matter) Rumba Room on south main 9:30PM for an hour of lessons and then dancing the night away! Oh, they also serve Cuban food--interested? You're invited!

Sunday I was awakened by le Cashman far too early after a night of dancing. We ran to Overton again (more sunshine), got things done around the house, went for a walk, met our neighbors and had a puppy play date, and wound down the evening with a roasted salmon dinner and a couple of episodes of Mad Men.

Man, it all sounds so exciting... because here I find myself today--Monday (and no sunshine). ugh. And the funk is on. I just need some motivation today. I can't seem to shake it. I wish I was looking forward to reading this damn book but every time I open it I remember why it takes me so long before picking it up again. It's not terrible, but it's really not great either. Any hilarious YouTube clips or beautiful images (still looking at quilts!) are welcome.

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