I am a changed woman.

This weekend Darling and I bought a Shun Classic on sale (like, killer major sale) at Williams-Sonoma and, well, it changed me.

I merely guide the slice, letting the beveled edge and weight of the Japanese steel blade do all of the work.

I cut a pineapple as though it were a peach.

So sharp that I have no doubt someone has probably lost a finger after sneezing. They actually sell chainmail gloves to ensure finger protection from these bad boys. I feel a bit like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill, my Samurai Katana ... 

It's so fancy. Changed Woman.

The 5 1/2"--that's the one--which is a bit shorter than the 7" chef's knife I'm used to. But the trade of those 1 1/2" for the smooth power and versitility... it's oh so sweet. 

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