Happy Birthday!

April Fools Day is my sweet little Cashman's estimated birthday!! (It's oddly fitting for such a sweet dopey little boy.)

My guess is that in the street puppy world (especially in Memphis) making it to 1 year is a pretty big deal! So tonight we'll be doing a little celebrating! I'm looking up recipes to make him a special pupcake! Maybe his friends Lucy, Stella, and Theo can come over for a slice?

We got home from our dreamy trip last night. If you were wondering, it was really fantastic. The odds were totally in our favor and we had a wonderful time with loads of good music, good food, good wine, pretty scenery and plenty of relaxation... I'll get some photos up eventually but today is my only day working this week and I've got emails and phone calls to catch up on before a glorious 3-day weekend!
Many Happy Returns Cash Baby!

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welundell said...

Emily, you are amazing. Naturally you thought of seems first thing when thinking about making those lampshades...I on the other hand thought about the seems when it came time to make the seems and I was like "Oh shoot, now what do I do with this?!?" So I just hot glued them together and it is facing nicly in the back...because it is a hot mess. Better luck next time?