Savannah Music Festival

Each of the three days we spent in Savannah we were able to watch some really incredible live music (we arrived during the Savannah Music Festival). As I bragged about earlier, Darling purchased She & Him tickets for my birthday. I'm just letting you know (here, now) that it's way up there for best live performances. Zooey? Yes, she really sounds that amazing. I'd go so far as to say that they record albums in single takes and there is not a single filter applied to her vocals in post production editing (if that's what it's called in the music recording industry). M.Ward, the subtle bastard... I can only say that the desire to see him play solo has magnified. My one critique of She & Him is that I wish M. Ward sang more on their records, and, Volume 2 (which we bought on vinyl) is a step in that (right) direction... The sound at the SCAD Trustees Theater was impeccable... every nuance, strum, whistle, all of it--wonderful.

  We had such a good time Saturday night that we looked to see what was happening around the city and saw that Jazz at Lincoln Center directed by Wynton Marsalis (who is said to be one of the "great" trumpet players--he's in his 40s!) was playing at the Civic Center (another concert venue with perfect, crisp sound) on Sunday. A lot of original, contemporary compositions (many of them by JALC members performing), and a vignette of works based on visual artists (Pollock, Monet, Dali, etc.) made for a really intriguing and moving performance. Darling and I were among the only "under 50s" in the audience which is too bad--I'm no jazz aficionado, but, according to me (if it counts for anything) you don't need to be one to listen to and enjoy JALC. Their music is very accessible.

So Monday rolled around and we said, "what the hell?" (why stop a good thing?) and went to a small venue near the river (whose name escapes me) to see New Orleans jazz pianist Henry Butler play. In a really wonderful way, it had that great New Orleans "ring" (?), you know what I mean, you do--there's something inside of the music that feels like you've heard it before... You can listen to a variation of one of my favorites from the afternoon: Orleans Inspiration <-- if you've got 6 minutes to spare... Surely, I don't have to tell you, it's nowhere near the same as hearing it live...

This is only the beginning my friends. I loved Savannah. Loved. No, seriously. It was so great.... We took my film SLR and haven't yet developed the photos so some Savannah love photos (that is, assuming a few turn out) might sporadically start popping up on here.

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