Darling and I have upgraded our video technology by nearly 15 years in the last month. The changes have been drastic.  Last night we got our blu-ray player setup and began watching the BBC series Planet Earth, on blu-ray. Astounding. Sorry folks, I'm totally booked this weekend...

Darling is leaving for Atlanta tonight to supervise 70 sixth grade students until Sunday night... and then returning to school on Monday for a full week of classes. That's working 14 days in a row, 4 of them 24 hours, with 11 and 12 year olds ... yikes.

Cash is at the vet today. He's had this gigantic wart on his face (canine papiloma) and it's wrecking havoc a daycare (other dogs picking on him, trying to chew on it, and then, it bleeding all over the other pups potentially spreading the virus...) so he's on his way to be sedated and have the fleshy cauliflower bulb crushed, hopefully, not to return.

I heard back from Big Brothers Big Sisters yesterday. Hoping to meet a little sister soon!


Ryan & Amanda said...
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Ryan & Amanda said...

So we have that same series, sadly not in Blu-Ray, but we absolutely LOVE it! The details (even in regular DVD) are amazing and our friends have it in Blu-Ray it is definitely way better. Enjoy, it's kind of funny because Alli will ask for the "real animals" when she wants to watch it, and it was right at the top of my hubby's list of favorite Christmas presents-kind of weird! :)

Camille said...

Two things:
1. Watch Blue Planet the deep sea disc... I spent the whole time in disbelief. It is amazing!
2. I can't wait to hear about how Little Sister works out. You inspired me to check it out here!

Emily said...

A: the REAL animals! that's too adorable.

C: You should check it out. It took awhile before I was able to get my match meeting setup but it seems to be working out. You can help me think of things to do when we hang out!